Disinfection services

For Homes & Offices

We now offer a new service  to combat the spread of harmful viruses, including coronaviruses, with the use of a fully trained technician equipped with the latest technology in application in the form of a fogger/ mister and a powerful high grade disinfectant.

We can disinfect your home, office, or work place with a hospital grade disinfectant that will killmost of harmful bacteria and prevent the spread of viruses. This product is non toxic, eco friendly, and safe for family & pets. Once application is complete premises are safe to re-enter after 1 hour. 

It will not harm or damage fabrics, plastics metals, rubber or other surfaces, or common home appliances (TVs, stereo, etc). 

The care and hygiene of your home & workplace environment is more important than ever. Our disinfectant and sanitation service provides homes and workplaces with an additional element of safety to prevent the spread and risk of contamination.

For Public spaces & work places

We can disinfect public gathering spaces, playgrounds, picnic areas and other spaces where contamination may spread. 

Both indoor and outdoor spaces can be disinfected. 

Call us for more information or to book our disinfecting services. 


Kills viruses, bacteria & Fungi

Eco-friendly & Non-toxic

Harmless to pets

No damage to surfaces

Minimal down time

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